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Qualities of a top online web developers

Clients look out for web developer who not only knows every nitty-gritty of web development but also is a business minded person. Top line web developers need to be organized and professional and are required to listen carefully about the to what a client’s requirements. There are some key qualities top online web developers should posses. If you are a top website developer, this list can help you make sure you have what it takes to get that client!

  • Know your customer’s requirements. Clarify beforehand key concepts like scope of work, when it will be done, and how much it will cost.
  • Responsiveness: Communicate with the customer often to give the status of work and to find out if requirements have changed. Work in an iterative manner so that you can demonstrate new features on a regular basis. Get back to your client quickly and regularly either through email or phone.
  • Be organized. File things so that they can be found later. Start taking notes in meetings and write up meeting minutes for all meetings. Create and maintain task lists and risk lists.
  • Simplicity: Website technology and process is not complicated. So, avoid using jargon and acronyms or do not beat around the bush when it comes to explaining what you do.
  • Stay updated on technical concepts.

Just follow these simple yet effective tips and will surely find your place among the top online developers in no time.

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