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Php and Javascript use the same syntaxe

In web development, it often happens that developers use both PHP and JAVASCRIPT. The reason for this is that these two languages ​​have identical syntaxes. To understand it, we will overcome here the differences and similarities between these two languages ​​of programming.

PHP and its "grammatical" rules

These are two languages ​​whose souls are different and the specialists of these programming languages ​​are not the same. PHP is a language inserted in HTML code in two tags such as or . PHP is therefore mixed with html for its functioning, this integration in a code made of php more than a programming language. In general, the syntax used by this language is the same as JAVA or C language. The rule is that the statements end with semicolons; And instruction blocks surround themselves with braces. While slashes // precede comments. As everyone knows, PHP is object-oriented, so it can be used integer variables, real or dual variables, and strings or strings with arrays and objects. In practice, when variables are enclosed in quotation marks, they are immediately replaced by their value.

Syntax with Javascript

Javascript follows a rule when programming. These rules are almost the same used for php programming. By definition, the statements in Javascript are called functions, they are separated by =. These functions are made up of values, operators, expressions, keywords and comments similar to those in the PHP language. Like PHP, Javascript is also run by the server in HTML codes. The variables used are identical to those used in programming with PHP. What differs the Java variables with PHP is that the Java variables are preceded by the acronym var whereas in PHP they are recognized by the symbol $. But their operation and the syntactic rules are identical for these two languages. Whether it's Javascript or PHP there are not really any differences.

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