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Why is Node.js so popular?

Node.js was created by Ryan Dahl, it is a free software and event platform in JavaScript oriented to network applications. It is designed to create scalable network applications and allows Node.js Developers to perform their tasks immediately. But why has it become so popular?

Node.js has many interests

Many developers use Node.js because it is free software that uses Google Chrome's ultra-fast v8 runtime engine. The browser no longer needs to read the JavaScript and turn it into machine code so that it is understandable for the processor, it is node.js that does the work for them. Thanks to this tool, you can quickly make things and save more time.

Adding to that, Node.js has a completely non-blocking code architecture. It can multitask at the same time and no longer runs rows in the order they are written. While Node.js starts downloading a file on the internet, the program does other things.

And finally, Node.js also has a large community of passionate developers and very active. There are discussion groups, sharing sites, and online courses that teach you how to use the program and share tips for people who want to become a Node.js Developers.

What can Node.js serve?

Almost all big companies choose Nodes.js for its performance. The latter facilitates and speeds up the tasks of a developer. It was created for many functions allowing a Node.js Developers to create fast applications like a chat server, a very fast upload system ... This program is also used for web server creation since it uses a non-blocking input / output model allowing it to handle multiple tasks at the same time.

Node.js is very useful for developers, which is why they prefer to use this one rather than other similar programs. It's a simple and efficient platform that performs tasks quickly and saves time.

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