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DDOS protection : the best practices

When referring to the web, many constraints and concerns often arise. DDOS is one of the major problems in this area. Concern that affects both websites and the network. DDOS is, after all, a problem that prevents all web users from achieving their goal.

DDOS: a big problem

DDOS or Distributed Denial of Service is an inherent problem in the web domain. Clearly, with the DDOS, we speak of attacks from a third party in order to overload either the network or a website. To do this, it uses malicious queries. In the case of the website subject to DDOS, Internet users will not be able to load the site. They will not be able to buy on the site or to access its contents. For the network, the attacks coming from the DDOS will saturate the bandwidth or infer the network infrastructure. In cases two, a failure will be felt on the network that can be generalized. Note that these attacks are serious threats for all those using the internet. We are talking about high costs generated measuring millions every year. It is in this context that the DDOS protection is vital for all activities related to the world of the web.

A suitable solution

There are tips available to all to effectively fight against DDOS. But the only real solution is to call on Koddos. Learn more about Koddos is essential to better use the concept.

Clearly, this solution is at the forefront of technology which guarantees a high level of security. We are talking about foolproof services for both professionals and individuals. The accommodation is in the center of Koddos! A web hosting that adapts perfectly to the needs and constraints of everyone. This is why several rates are available at the koddos with several possible benefits. In addition, technical support available at all times and connectivity with a speed of 1 Gbps is still available.

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