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Developing in PHP on Ubuntu

When creating a website, several parameters will have to be taken into effect. The first will be the tool used since undoubtedly ensure the perfection of the result. From there, it will also take into account the operating system during development. These parameters are as fundamental as the expertise of the requested professional at work. For php part of the most used tools when such development, its application on ubuntu require some basic knowledge. From there, it will be easier to understand this tool thereafter.

Know PHP first

You should know that PHP is a recursive acronym for PHP Hypertext Preprocessor. Of course, initially, php meant Personal Home Page and it is a language of open source and general scripts. It is used to design websites dynamically. Clearly, php easily integrate HTML without having to use tons of orders. You should know that the php already contain fragments of HTML pages which explains this practicality. Also, running the php code will be made exclusively on an HTTP Web server like Apache. On the latter, the HTML will be produced and sent directly to customers without that they can not access the source code. This is what differentiates php other scripting languages ​​such as JavaScript.

Php on ubuntu

Php is a handy tool and that it can be used on different operating accentuate this even more practical system. The php website development therefore begin by installing software on ubuntu. The first step will be to install the package which necessarily entail installing php on an HTTP server later too. It goes without saying that this installation will be consistent with the server settings since the php code that will run on it. In this sense, the steps as activating the multiverse official repositories and backport and their sources will be required. It will, of course, possible to do all the steps itself, but the best would be to appeal to professionals in the field to have impeccable results thereafter.

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