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The frameworks a Php programmer needs to know

Web development comes with a huge set of rules and techniques that should be known to all website developers. If you want a website to look and work as you want it to, you need to familiarize yourself with web technologies to help you achieve your goal. Below are some of the frameworks php programmers need to know:


Angular is one of the recent internet techniques specifically intended to develop vibrant web applications. With this framework, front-end-based apps can be readily created without using other frameworks or plugins. The characteristics include well-made templates, architecture of MVC, generation of code, division of code, etc. All phrases are like code snippets inside curly braces and do not use any loops or conditional statements.

Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails is a website technology on the server side that facilitates and accelerates the growth of apps. The thing that really distinguishes this structure is the code's reusability and some other cool characteristics that will assist you get the work done in no moment. Basecamp, Ask.fm, GitHub, 500px, and many other popular websites published with Ruby.


Laravel is a PHP development framework ideal for small websites. It comes with a number of useful features including the MVC support, object-oriented libraries, Artisan, authorization technique, database migration etc. It is one of our favorite PHP frameworks.


This one of the most popular frameworks written in Python and follows the MVC architecture. It makes the app development process much easier thanks to its simplicity.

Meteor JS

Meteor JS is published in Node.js and allows you to generate web applications for distinct platforms in real time. Meteor JS really stands out in the framework for developing easy websites for private use. This is an open-source isomorphic web framework for JavaScript which also implies that the charging time of the webpage is considerably shorter. JavaScript stack also allows the same outcomes to be obtained with fewer code lines than usual.


Yii is an open-source web application development framework built in PHP5 by a php programmer. It is performance optimized and comes with a number of great tools for debugging and app testing.

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