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Can Mobile Application Development Replace the Web

If you are a web developer from the 80s, this can sound like your professional death knell. If you are a budding developer, this might be the launch-pad into an exciting career you had been waiting on!

Mobile application development is slowly taking over the cudgels from web development. Right from the corporate bigwigs in the web development industry to the SMEs, everyone is looking to build robust, innovative mobile apps. The million-set sellout of the iPhone and iPad only vindicate these opinions.

However, the reality is far from what such opinion clouds indicate. For the developing world, the web is still the primary source for information and applications. Hence, web development is here to stay. And events like Google Chrome’s unveiling of a treasure chest for web developers to cash in on only point to the said direction.

What seems like a major probability, in the coming years though, is the merger of web application development and mobile apps. For instance, Facebook Mobile uses an interface that is tailor-made for smartphones and is equally deft at offering members flawless experience on the web itself.

So it is an era when firms have understood that users wish to stay mobile and yet surf the web – and are tweaking their apps to achieve that goal. However, saying that the mobile application development domain is set to take over its web counterpart is still a far cry – even for the most ferocious optimists!

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