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From Php to ruby... two top languages for all developpers

PHP and RoR are today part of the programming languages ​​most used by developers whether it is for the realization of a web project or for the creation of any application. What we do not know is that they are chosen because they are among the best. Let's see why.

Reasons to use PHP

PHP enthusiasts are increasingly numerous in recent years with more than 15 million users. Which is quite understandable. The latter is, for the majority of hosts, the language most proposed as standard. At the same time free and professional, PHP has a flawless speed with a high performance time. It is very easy to learn and can perfectly handle any SQL query. This is why programming writing that can display SQL database data can be done in no time. All platforms created from this language have a high stability and can even run for several months without needing any reboot. Not to mention that it is very likely to add several types of functions that could then, cover any need of a webmaster to this language not to mention the size of its community of users.

Why use Ruby for programming?

As for Ruby, it is also easy to make an advanced ruby ​​on rails application development. This is also the case for the development of any web site. Not only is this language very elegant, but it is also concise which can further facilitate the increase of the readability of each code with a good maintenance of the latter. This will give each developer better performance and productivity. Since it is also an object-oriented language, it is easy to write programs from objects that can represent several concepts. RoR also makes it easy to manage libraries with Bundler. This language is also fully interpreted. This will allow you to debug your code when needed and test it as you please without forgetting its very active community.

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