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If you want to create an effective and innovative website, you must use a tool as effective as innovative. If you have not yet chosen your favorite tool then you are recommended to turn to Ruby. Indeed, this language takes more and more place in the field of development at present. This is reflected in the fact that the startups use it. Its many advantages make it an essential tool, but before you can adopt it, it is good to understand the workings first.

Understanding Ruby

On http://www.rubysavvy.com, you'll see how great Ruby's tool is. Clearly, the latter is a language intended for the development of applications. It is simultaneously interpreted, open source, multiparadigm and object oriented. Thus, the development work will be done quickly and very simply in the process. Of course, the result will always be innovative and effective. Note also that several implementations of Ruby are currently available taking into account several platforms. To this we see Rubinius which represents the future of this tool which is in constant evolution, the MacRuby which is mainly owned by Apple, the JRuby based on the JVM in order to efficiently use Java code. Finally, there is the MRI which is the standard version of the machine. The efficiency of this tool is such that Ruby was already in 10 th position against the TIOBE ranking.

Why choose rails?

If Ruby is the language, Ruby on Rails, meanwhile, is the framework used to create sites. Many advantages of ROR make it a reference in the current field. First of all, the development work will be carried out under 3 specific environments which greatly facilitate the process. To this there is the environment of development, testing and production. Of course, it will be possible to structure the work well while nicely manipulating the contents of the database thanks to the migrations. The possibility of Scaffolding is also available to produce the necessary code in order to make the CRUD or Create, Read, Update and Delete.

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